Volunteers Week

This week is volunteer’s week and the AYC Netball Club would like to thank all our volunteers that have made our  Club the success that it is today.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our beloved sport of Netball and without the many volunteers that head up the AYC Netball Club we would not function as a club.

We are so lucky here at AYC that we have such good people behind us and that we have this great centre at Bayswater Rd for training and to hold functions etc.

No other Club has the contact and support that we have at AYC. Most Clubs only get together at certain times of the year, we are together every Tuesday night and that has to be good for moral and for our Club Culture.

No other club has their top State League Coaches at training every week either. Many thanks Andrew and Peter for being so available and so involved in our Club we are certainly lucky to have you with us.

All our Board members are volunteers as well and we thank them for all the time and effort they put in to ensure that we are up to date with all aspects of Netball.

Board Members: Yvonne Jackson, Alice Webb, Karina Williams, Peter Brockman, Lynne Sayer, Natalie George, Madelene Assmann, and Joy Costelloe.

Thank you, for all your time and effort you are a pleasure to work with.

Many of our Board Members are also Coaches, managers , umpires and Mentors.

Also a giant thank you to all our Coaches who of course are all volunteers as well. They are a dedicated group who give of their time unselfishly.

Arrows Open Andrew Jackson and Peter Brockman

Arrows 19’s Sheree Kemp and Hayley Sansom

Premier League Aurion Natalie Downton and Reagan Davie

21’s Camry Peter Brockman and Tiena Meaclem

21’s Rukus Zoe and AJ Gough

3rd Grade Tarago Peter Brockman

5th Grade FJ Cruiser Lilli Hyatt

6th Grade Hilux Lynne Sayer

6th Grade Fortuner Michelle Blom

7th Grade Coaster Yvonne Jackson

17’s Seca Heather Easther

15’s Sportivo Annette Logan and Chelsea Jarvis

15’s Hiace Yvonne Jackson

15’s Landcruiser Dean Jackson

15’s Corolla Adella Jarvis

13’s Prado Natalie George and Tegan George

13’s Kluger Chelsea Assmann and Bridget Haydon

13’s Rav 4 Alice Webb and Debbie Balsley

13’s Prius Danita Tanner and Gemma Stevens

11’s Yaris Kylie Dickson and Nikki Smith

Thank you Coaches I am sure that your teams appreciate all your efforts, as much as we do.

Many thanks also to our Umpires and its great to see so many of our youngsters putting their hand up to learn the art of Umpiring.

Many thanks also to the wonderful parents and partners who have helped us along the way, for without these volunteers, we would find it difficult to manage.

I would also like to acknowledge and thank Michelle Blom founder of the AYC Netball Club. Without her vision we would not be here today.