Alanna Cooper Captain of our Arrows 19/U is a young netballer who is certainly going places.

Alanna has recently returned from representing Tasmania in the State 19 and under National competition. It’s an incredible achievement as well as a great honour to represent your State and we are very proud that you have been recognised at this level.

The Arrows Club and the State League competition provide a good pathway for future success and we hope that you take full advantage of all we have to offer.

You had a great season in the State League competition last year and your selection in this State team is a fitting reward for all your hard work and dedication.

Alanna is a committed netballer who has shown that she can match it with the best.

Arrows Ella Cooney was also selected into the 17 and under State Team but as a result of an injury could not take her rightful place in the team. We commiserate with Ella and wish her all the best with her netball in the future.

2019 DADA Program Congratulations to Storm Holmyard on her selection into the Southern DADA squad. We wish her every success with the program.


Congratulations to Abby Baker and Zoe McConnon who have been nominated to represent AYC in the 2019 Junior Leadership Program.

During the 12 week program Abby and Zoe will be given opportunities to mix and socialize with girls from other Clubs and attend courses such as a Coaching course, a beginners Umpire course, a first aid course covering injury treatment and strapping and netball administration. The girls will also have both rewarding and challenging experiences including sessions on women in leadership roles, team bonding as well as Hostess opportunities at STNA functions, including a reception and a cocktail party, they will also assist at the Premier League vote count.                                          The girls will also be presented with an STNA JLP vest, I am sure they will wear it with pride.


Congratulations to Chelsea French and Sarah Ford from AYC 17’s Lexus and Asha Ratcliffe from 21’s Camry on being selected into the STINGAS 17/U team to compete in the 1st grade competition.                                                        The girls will certainly be challenged as they will be expected to play against superior opponents who have more maturity and greater body strength.

Mental toughness and intensity as well as space awareness and working under pressure are some of the goals that the girls will be expected to achieve. They will also be expected to follow the game plan and they will also be placed in the most demanding on court situations with the aim of gaining much needed confidence in order to take calculated risks and to be creative on court.                                                                                                            They will be given feedback regularly and they will be monitored closely on their development.

These girls are certainly role models for our younger players and their peers and we are very proud of their achievement.



UMPIRE NEWS from Lynne Sayer 

Matilda Smith has been selected into the Junior Umpire Development Program

AYC Young Umpires showing promise with Team White     

Chelsea French, Abby Baker,  Lilly Turner and Anna Fracalossi have all made a positive start to the year with the whistle.

Others hoping to start soon are Lucy Snead, Shykya Devine, Mel Carlisle, Paige Witzerman, Emily Klaffer,  Zoe McConnon, Talasha King, Nikita Phillips, Jemima Willis and Maddi .

2019 has been an exciting year for our young umpires with Lizzie Dunbar (STNA Umpire Educator) running a brilliant 3 week course for our junior umpires. Thank you Lizzie for all your hard work

I’m really impressed with our younger umpires especially our newer umpires who are still learning as they are so enthusiastic and no matter what comes their way they are challenging themselves to become better umpires.

All have made outstanding progress and we can see improvement each week in their umpire skills as well as their confidence. I can’t wait to see where they will be at the end of the season.

Well done to all of our umpires who work incredibly hard each and every week.