Umpires News

2017 will be an exciting year for young AYC Umpires at STNA.
The Junior Umpire Development Program will once again be a highlight and AYC have nominated Tahlia Matthews  and Shanika Braslin  to represent us in the program.
Hopefully the girls will both been accepted and if so they will receive the following:
Regular coaching from the JUD Mentoring group
A practical training session
A rules discussion session
A group visit to watch an ANZ League match with a senior Umpire to observe and discuss the way the Umpires work at that level.
An STNA JUD Umpiring top
A whistle and a rule book

New Umpires for 2017
AYC have  many new Umpires this year who are just starting out in their umpire journey.
It is good to see our youngsters volunteering to join ‘Team White’

Mentors Lynne Cherrie and Alice welcome the following young umpires.
Taya Webb, Chelsea French,  Grace Lyden, Jemima Willis, Nikita Duncan, Gloria Wani,
Matilda Smith, Milli Smith, Tanaisha Matthews, Emily Klaffer, Lottie Horton, Nia Noble-Wedd.

AYC Senior Umpires 2017

Elizabeth Dunbar STNA Umpire Badging Panel and JUD Mentor

AYC Umpire Co-ordinator and allocations  Lynne Sayer C Badge
A Badge Glen Woolley
C Badge Cherrie Phillips, Dee Richards, Alice Webb, Felicity George, Clare Grace, Abby Burnett
Working towards a badge Debbie Foster, Adella Jarvis, Sarah Ford,
Jessica Pursell, Annie Cordwell